5 Ways a Paint Job Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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Painting may seem like an easy, effortless home improvement, but it can be beneficial to your home in many ways! Even a small upgrade in your kitchen or bathroom with a fresh coat of paint can make your home value go up by the thousands. It’s safe to say that a full paint change can add big value to your home, and we discuss the specifics!

Home Exterior Paint Job Can Increase Curb Appeal                   

Studies have shown that homeowners who gave their home an interior paint job received a 51% return on their initial investment. Even something as simple as giving your home a fresh exterior paint job can make a world of difference in your home overall. When it comes to the exterior of your home, people are thinking of two things: how well the paint can perform in different kinds of weather and how its color looks. Paint is your home’s first line of defense against the elements of nature, including the sun, rain, wind, and heat. 

As for choosing the right color for your home’s exterior, you have to be especially mindful. If you are looking to sell your home quickly, it is recommended to avoid bright colors. While bright colors may seem like a good idea at first, they are not a good choice for the average buyer. With that being said, you should definitely avoid yellow. If you want to put a fun but wise color to use, sage green has been an excellent choice for many home sellers. The tone works because it is on the lighter side, feels fresh, neutral and contrasts beautifully with white or black trim. Generally speaking, neutral colors are the most effective in increasing your home’s value. 

A Newly Renovated Kitchen Can Help You Get the Most on 

Your Asking Price

A kitchen can cause your home’s price to dip dramatically if your kitchen is painted a color that most people find to be an eyesore. According to experts, tuxedo-styled kitchens (dark cabinets and white walls) are the most attractive to homebuyers. You can also play around with similar colors to create a similar contrast. 

New Bedroom Paint = Better Return on Investment

Some homeowners find dark colors to be the perfect touch to creating a peaceful bedroom, but this isn’t the case as of lately. If you have dark colors in your bedroom, it is time for an update. The most attractive bedrooms to homebuyers are those that have neutral colors with pops of colors through the help of wall accents and furnishings. These small updates can add big value to your home. 

A Newly Painted Bathroom Also Increases Home Value 

For the bathrooms, you also want to keep these spaces light. In bathrooms, very light blues or very light greys are known for increasing home value. Both of these colors are great for bathrooms because other features such as trim, cabinets, plants, and towels make these colors pop or stand out. If you don’t have color in your bathroom already, this is definitely something to consider because solid white could come off as stark to a homebuyer. 

Updated Interior Colors are Preferred 

The way color affects the exterior of your home has a similar influence on the interior surfaces of your home. Just like the exterior of your home, colors that are too bold, bright, or saturated can be off-putting and immediately turn potential home buyers away. If your home’s interior has these kinds of colors, it is recommended to bring a professional painter in to give your home a fresh, neutral coat of paint. With a professional, you will have help deciding and narrowing down your options. 

If you aim to increase your home’s value with a paint job, one important thing to remember is to keep the emotion out of it. You might love how your favorite color looks in your living room, but you need to think from the buyer’s perspective and consider what they may find attractive or pleasing in a home. Neutral tones work just as well for interior surfaces as they do for exterior surfaces. This allows a buyer to envision themselves in your home, ultimately leading them to make an offer.

A paint job is also a great choice in the case that you feel your finishes are outdated. What may seem like old cabinetry can turn into a vintage look with just the right paint color. When you have walls that seem to fade into the background, it makes your home look that much more worthwhile and valuable. 

Tackle Your Paint Job with an Experienced Team of Professional Paint Contractors 

The professionals at 3rd Generation Painting are equipped with the skills and experience to treat your home to a successful paint job. If you are thinking of starting a paint job, we’re ready to help make your home look its very best. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist.

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