An El Paso painter performing drywall repair on a home’s ceiling

Five Benefits of Drywall Repair for El Paso Homes

Drywall is the most convenient and reasonable option nowadays, and it is used in the making of most houses. Drywall comprises calcium sulfate dehydrate, which is mostly mixed in with other additives.  The drywall materials also often contain wood pulp and plywood, gypsum, and asbestos-cement board. It is a sheet extruded between two thick sheets

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Pros And Cons Of Epoxy Coating For Your Commercial Flooring

Even the flooring in your commercial property plays a great deal when it comes to aesthetics, and this is where an epoxy coating can help. Epoxy coatings enhance the cleanliness and aesthetic of your property.  But just like many other property renovations, there are some features to the epoxy that could be disadvantageous to you,

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professional worker power washing a home's siding

7 Major Signs It’s Time Power Wash Your Home 

As an El Paso homeowner, you should never underestimate the power and influence the exterior has on the rest of your home. Cleaning your home’s exterior should be prioritized just as much as cleaning your home’s interior.  With the simple jobs of soft power washing, you can get your home’s exterior looking as good as

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Elastomeric coating being rolled on

The Benefits of Elastomeric Coatings for Your Roof

What Is Elastomeric Coating?  The elastomeric coating contains a range of water and weatherproof products used to seal roofs to prevent leakage and other damages. These products are very durable and can help repair damaged roofs.  There are several more benefits when it comes to using elastomeric coating for your roof. If you do not

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