Commercial Painting in El Paso

With commercial painting services from 3rd Generation Painting, your commercial building will leave a lasting, positive impression on anyone walking by. Our services cover all the bases, from interior and exterior painting to applying epoxy coatings and more!

We offer commercial painting services for any industry or building. We can bring your building back to life with the color scheme and palette that best fits your business or help you update your colors. No commercial painting job is too big or too small for the knowledge and experience of the 3rd Generation Painting team!

Available Commercial Painting Services from 3rd Generation Painting

We proudly provide commercial painting services for the following types of businesses:

Why Your Business Needs a New Coat of Paint

For many businesses, their storefront is ground zero. As such, a worn down, chipping, cracking, patchy, and discolored building could cause customers to turn away, no matter how excellent your services may be. 

We want your building exterior to turn heads and not only create curiosity but also capture the tone of your business. Knowing that you have professional appeal from the onset sends a positive message to your customers, staff, and everyone who approaches your building. Simply put, a properly painted commercial building is your best shot at creating a positive, long-lasting first impression! 

There’s also the business side of commercial painting. When we work on any painting project, we also look for troubled areas inside and outside the building. We’ll fix any cracks, holes, and unnoticed wear and tear as we paint your business. These repairs will also help protect your building from moisture and the wear and tear that our El Paso sun is known for over time! 

Start off on the right foot and give your customers a great first impression with 3rd Generation Painting’s commercial painting services. Increase traffic and create a more professional image, today!

Repainting Your Commercial Building: The Best Timing for Maximum Impact

When deciding when to repaint your commercial building, time is the most common factor. In general, a new coat of paint may be required after 7-10 years, depending on weather conditions during that time period. If you start noticing peeling, cracking, or paint chipping, then it’s definitely time for an exterior makeover. Interior painting can last 5-10 years as well. This varies depending on the industry. 

You also want to consider if the company colors have changed in any way or if you’re looking for a way to make employees more comfortable and productive at the office.

Our Team of Master Painters is Backed by an Excellent 5-Year Warranty!

We trust in our work and materials so much that we offer a 5-year warranty on our commercial painting jobs because we trust in the brands we use. We use Dunn Edwards oil-based paint due to its outstanding results in our desert climate. 

Our team is composed of master painters who not only provide fantastic paint jobs but know the ins and outs of minor repairs to ensure your building is better when we walk away from it.

Make Your Building POP With Our Commercial Painting

It’s time to bring your building back to life! We’ve worked on hundreds of commercial buildings in El Paso. 

Our team of master painters has over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. We also don’t ask for payment until the job is complete and you are satisfied with the service performed. 

Don’t waste any more time, and give 3rd Generation Painting a call to get started today! Read more on our blog.

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