Protect Your Roof From The Harsh El Paso Weather With Elastomeric Coating

As a coating, elastomeric can stretch out to twice its original length to cover the surface as a membrane. It’s the perfect solution to help keep your roof or even walls from leaking. It also provides a reflective surface on many roofs, which can help with energy efficiency. 

As an above-grade coating, elastomeric is approximately ten times thicker than paint. If you have small leaks, flashing coming off, or apparent seems elastomeric is the perfect solution to fix these issues. When applied in its liquid form, it will harden and bond to the structure while remaining flexible to adjust to the undersurface.

Elastomeric Coating Benefits


The majority of elastomeric coatings are white, so its reflectivity and color can bounce sunlight and solar heat back into the air. Layering this onto a black roof can help keep your building cooler and help with energy efficacy.

Water Proof

Elastomeric is durable against weather conditions such as heavy rainfall. Unlike many other coatings, it can provide a protective layer that can bridge hairline cracks and stop water from seeping into your building.

Extends Roof Life

As a protective layer that will last between 10-20 years, it will help the structure from wear and tear damage, weather conditions, as well from UV rays, pollutants, and saline air. 


This is a big word that simply means the elastomeric coating will become one layer on your roof. Instead of having seams across your roof where water can seep in to sit, you will have one flat layer that will prevent puddles or cracks from being created. 

Easy To Maintain And Repair

If any damage does occur to the roof, it’s very easy to reapply the material to the damaged area. There are no teardowns, waste materials, or complicated machinery. A small team can go in and out to fix the spot.

Roof Coating

Extend And Protect Your Roof With Elastomeric

Our elastomeric coating services are open to all of our customers. It’s a simple process that can be performed as we do interior or exterior painting, drywall repair, parking lot striping, or any of our commercial painting services. 

Let us know what you need to be done, and the experienced and knowledgeable professionals at 3rd Generation Painting can take care of it. Contact us today to start your business or residential project!

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