Business Parking Lot Striping in El Paso

Any business that has a parking lot needs to keep up with parking lot striping rules and regulations. It’s crucial for parking lots to have the proper lines, spaces, and ADA-compliant parking. A properly striped parking lot will please customers, staff, and the law. As part of our commercial painting services, we also offer parking lot striping for new and old parking lots alike.

 If you’re getting your building painted, then you should also have your parking lot touched up. Fresh lines of paint will go a long way. They make it easier for your customers to clearly know where to park while adding to the visual appeal of your business. As an often overlooked necessity, parking lots must meet ADA compliance requirements. In doing so, you’ll maximize spaces and minimize confusion and customer annoyance on a busy day. Parking lot striping will also bring attention to crosswalks, loading areas, fire lanes, tow-away zones, and precise ADA parking.

When Should I Get New Parking Lot Striping?

Depending on how busy your business is during the year, the most common timeline is every two years. Sometimes, new paint will be needed even earlier if you have heavy vehicle traffic constantly flowing. Weather and asphalt conditions also play a factor in determining when new striping should be applied to your lot.

Timeline Of Parking Lot Striping

At 3rd Generation Painters, we use the best equipment available to ensure the job is performed correctly, quickly, and with the highest quality possible. We ensure that your lot is ADA compliant and all the spacings are measured out before we start. 

Depending on the size of your parking lot, the painting process will take a minimal amount of time to apply and dry. Your lot will be ready before the end of the day once we start!

painters painting parking lots white lines striping

ADA Compliant Parking Provided By 3rd Generation Painting

As part of our commercial painting services, we want your building to look better when we walk away than when we approached it. We can also do drywall repairs as well as elastomeric and epoxy coatings as we work on the interior or exterior painting. Give us a call today to see how we can transform your business!

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