Everything to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Painting Service

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Are you looking to improve the appearance of your business premises to create a distinct brand identity? Is repainting your buildings aimed towards giving you a competitive edge?

A study found that color can boost brand recognition by about 80 percent. The right paint color can have a significant impact on how people interact with your business. With a commercial painting service by your side, you have a signature color plastered on your building walls.

Always consider the feelings you’d like potential customers to experience and the actions they should take when seeking a paint job. In this guide, you’ll learn more ways to get the most out of a commercial painting contractor.

A commercial painting service will help you improve your buildings’ visual appeal. It will also help protect the commercial property and make it conducive for your employees, as discussed below.

1. Improved Brand Perception

Your existing and potential customers will judge your business depending on how it looks. Bringing a commercial painter on board will give your buildings’ interiors and exteriors a great look.

Painting commercial buildings can help drive new traffic. A professional service will ensure that the space is clean, inviting, and appealing to potential customers.

2. Preventative Maintenance

You need to have your exterior walls regularly painted to prevent them from deteriorating. The building’s exterior may lose its vibrancy and gloss over time due to harsh weather conditions.

With an expert commercial painter’s help, you’ll prevent damages that occur when a building is left unpainted for years.

3. To Improve Your Workplace

An elegant, comfortable working environment is vital to your employees’ satisfaction and productivity. Have a commercial painter redesign your working spaces to improve the ambiance.

With a motivated workforce, your company stands a chance of reaching new heights.

Choosing a Commercial Painting Service: What to Consider

Commercial painting companies have different prices, experience levels, credibility levels, and work ethics. Evaluate your buildings’ interior painting needs and review price quotes from other contractors.

Stick to these seven practical tips to get more out of the process:

How Much Are You Willing to Spend?

Your budget will depend on the amount of preparation work to be undertaken and the scale of the work. The quality of materials you expect the painter to use will also determine the interior and exterior painting expenditure.

If your painting budget is too tight, look for a contractor that combines standard painting techniques with quality paints at a suitable mid-range price.

Request a quote from three to five companies comparing painting costs. The estimates should clearly state the labor costs, materials, and time frame. Ask whether there are any indirect costs to determine whether you can afford them.

Are They Trustworthy Enough?

Since the commercial painter will be operating from your business premises, you need a guarantee of the safety of your business possessions.

Only work with a contractor that is reputable for guaranteeing safety and maintaining trust with previous clients. The commercial painting company should demonstrate its commitment to quality by delivering top-quality services.

Read other clients’ reviews about the contractor you want to hire. This information should be accurate enough to inform your hiring decisions.

How is Their Customer Support Like?

Find a commercial painting company whose staff is reputable for responding to customers’ calls promptly. They should be willing to listen to your painting needs to prevent misinterpretations and errors.

Work with a painter who provides helpful information regarding the paint colors and the entire painting process. They should also have multiple communication channels (email, live chat, messaging, and phone calls) in place.

The goal here is to determine whether the painter will actively engage you throughout the painting process.

How Flexible are Their Painting Services?

Since your business has a specific operating schedule, the painter should be willing to accommodate your schedules. They should be on call on weekends or in the evenings. The goal here is to have the project completed with little disruption to your company.

Check whether the contractor’s service portfolio is diverse enough to meet your buildings’ unique painting needs.

Do they offer specialized services such as elastomeric painting and fireproof coatings? Do they have the capacity to complete projects within a given deadline?

Do They Have Insurance and Relevant Licenses?

Choose an insured commercial painting service to guarantee compensation in case your valuables get dismantled during the job. Check whether their insurance can cover damages to your commercial property. Their General Liability Insurance should have a minimum coverage of $1 million.

The painter should hold a relevant state license as proof of competence and credibility. Check from the applicable state licensing board’s website whether the license is valid. You risk encountering law enforcement officers on your premises if you work with an unlicensed contractor.

What Kind of Technology Do They Use?

Choose a commercial painting company that is reputable for using up-to-date painting equipment and technology.

Do they have specialized tools for accessing high building walls? What technique do they use when painting hard-to-reach areas?

The contractor should have high-quality application equipment in place for consistent, durable finishes. Such tools speed up and simplify the work, allowing you to resume your business activities quickly. They are also proof that the painting company can adapt to the ever-changing commercial painting needs.

The company should assure you of a waterproof paint job if your business premises lies in a humid area. They should also inspect the painted surfaces over time to determine whether a new waterproofing coat is needed.

What software do they use to visualize the end result of customers’ projects before the actual job commences? Is their staff trained on how to use virtual painters or color scheme previewing software on a 3D model of a building? Do they use eco-friendly paint and techniques to guarantee your employees’ safety and health?

Get a Commercial Painting Service for Your Business Today

You now have practical advice on how to benefit from a commercial painting service. Do you want to give your commercial property a facelift with tones and colors of your choice?

Our mission is to serve you with experienced and reliable commercial painting contractors. Work with our skilled team of painters for top-quality results. Get a quote today.

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