Pros And Cons Of Epoxy Coating For Your Commercial Flooring

Even the flooring in your commercial property plays a great deal when it comes to aesthetics, and this is where an epoxy coating can help. Epoxy coatings enhance the cleanliness and aesthetic of your property. 

But just like many other property renovations, there are some features to the epoxy that could be disadvantageous to you, your customers, and your employees. We provide a brief list of pros and cons for you to think about before making any final decisions. 


Cost-Efficient Choice 

Compared to other floor coatings, epoxy tends to be the cheapest per square foot. What makes epoxy coating an efficient choice is that it does not require any removal of existing flooring. 

Epoxy can be applied directly on top of the following flooring: 

  • Wood 
  • Concrete 
  • Steel 

Even better, epoxy coatings rarely ever need any maintenance or replacements, adding to its long-term value. 

Damage Resistant 

Epoxy coating is designed exactly for keeping wear and tear to a minimum. When looking for damage-resistant materials for your flooring, epoxy coating is worth your while. Unlike other kinds of flooring or coatings, epoxy does not crack, peel, or erode. 

Cured epoxy also performs well under very heavy weight. Epoxy can be applied with additional coatings to enhance its strength and durability if this is something you may be interested in.

Withstands Weather

Have any concerns about the weather? Well, this is also where epoxy makes a reliable choice. Epoxy is made to work against all kinds of damage, including those induced by the weather. Epoxy is made to sit in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This floor coating is also fire-resistant, so in the case of an emergency, your flooring will most likely not be damaged. 

Promises a Long Lifetime 

The lifespan of epoxy may vary depending on where your commercial property is located including the work that is regularly done in these settings. Despite these circumstances, epoxy should last you several years, even decades. Some customers have reported that their epoxy has lasted them 20 years without having to look into repairs, replacement, or maintenance. 

Easier to Clean 

Epoxy creates a smooth, glossy texture over your flooring, which is rather convenient when it comes to cleaning. The smoother a floor is, the easier it will be to clean. Even when dirt or dust builds up, all that your epoxy floors will require a clean sweep and mop and they will look just as good as new!


Dangerous When Wet 

One of the few downsides to epoxy coatings is that if and when your floors are wet, they could be too slippery to walk on, making them hazardous. If water easily builds where your commercial property is located, you should make your concerns known to a professional. They can provide additional services, such as non-slip coatings, to help address these issues and prevent accidents. 

Strong Fumes 

If you or your employees have any concerns with respiratory health, you may have to think twice about applying an epoxy coating to your floors. The application of epoxy flooring could aggravate those who suffer from asthma because the fumes are toxic. If and when you decide to apply an epoxy coating, the area should be thoroughly ventilated to protect people from the hazards of the fumes. 

Requires Hours of Downtime 

While the results are unmatched, epoxy does require hours, sometimes even days to completely cure. Depending on the type of epoxy coating and the size of the project, applications could take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours to dry and cure completely. If you do not have any time to spare, this could be inconvenient for you and your business, especially if you want epoxy for indoor flooring. 

Removal May Be Costly 

In the case you may want to remove your epoxy coating, the services can turn out to be expensive. In the rare situations where epoxy has to be removed, this can also be laborious for professionals, resulting in a costly project. This is why you need to be sure about epoxy coating and consider how it will benefit you and your business. 

Find Out if Epoxy Coating Is Right For You with 3rd Generation Painting!

Epoxy coatings are great for all kinds of businesses in various locations. If you want to learn more about your options, you can get in touch with a professional by calling (915) 253-8364 to receive a free quote. The professionals at 3rd Generation Painting are always ready to help!

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