Essential Power Washing For El Paso Homes

Homes and businesses in El Paso can easily get covered with dirt, dust, and grime. That’s why every exterior painting project from 3rd Generation Painting includes power washing services. Before we take on an exterior painting job, we ensure that the outside is a pristine, ready-to-go canvas so that we can begin painting.

Why Power Washing Is Essential

Even if you think that your home doesn’t need a power wash before we start, it’s a very crucial step. Power washing cleans the exterior of your home from dirt, grime, dust, and anything else that has built up over time. Without a proper power wash, the paint can peel or flake off no matter how great of a brand or skill applied. Luckily, we have mastered our process to give your home the wash it deserves before applying new paint.

Pre-Painting Power Wash Perks

Before we begin power washing, we do a walkthrough of the exterior of your home to find any visible cracks or seams to take into consideration. We also keep an eye out for mold or mildew that could be growing, although it’s rare with El Paso’s dry climate. We don’t want to cause any damage to make those areas even more damaged or noticeable. Once we begin power washing, there will be an immediate difference after that dirt and grime come off. We’ll also perform another inspection to patch up any new visible cracks or open seams.

man cleaning wall with high pressure cleaner in close up

Can I Perform A DIY Power Wash?

We don’t recommend you do this process yourself. The 3rd Generation Painting team is made up of experts in power washing. We look at the materials your home is made of and perform proper inspections and processes to ensure nothing is damaged. We know how to get the old paint off of any surface without causing damage and correctly repair any previous minor damage.

We can power wash home exteriors such as:

Choose Us as Your Power Washing Professionals, Today!

Our team at 3rd Generation Painting provides only the best service for every client. No matter if we’re helping with interior or exterior painting for residential or commercial buildings, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. 

We don’t ask for any payment until the job is complete. Our power washing services are part of our exterior painting process to ensure that you get only the best quality. We also offer a 5-year warranty because we trust in the paints and processes we perform. 

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