Roof Painting Can Bring Your El Paso Home To Life

Roof painting can transform the appearance of your home or business. Not only does roof painting yield visual benefits but it can also significantly benefit the building’s overall health. As your full-service home painting team, 3rd Generation Painting goes above and beyond in order to provide you with the results you deserve. Give us a call today to learn more about our roof painting services.

The Benefits Of Roof Painting

When people consider getting their house repainted or cleaned, the roof is almost always left out of the equation. It’s easy to forget about the curbside appeal of your roof. However, a well-painted and maintained roof can have heads turning as they pass by. 

The most noticeable benefit of roof painting is the visual improvement. The roof painting process includes us applying an elastomeric coating, which helps prevent leaks in the future. We can also note any damage on your roof that we may or may not be able to repair during the job. 

Clay tile roofs, for instance, have the capability to be painted over for long-lasting aesthetic appeal. It also helps reduce heat absorption, which can reduce energy bills and reflect UV rays to extend the overall life of your roof.  

As with all of the materials we use, the paint and materials needed for proper roof painting are only the best for our region. We take the heat and weather conditions we get in El Paso into consideration when choosing our materials to ensure it’s right for a long-lasting result.

How Long Does Roof Paint Last?

This varies, depending on the roof condition from the start and the weather conditions during that time. Roof paint will typically last between five to seven years for both paint and an elastomeric coating. Over time, cracks can develop due to the harsh El Paso sun and other weather factors.

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Exterior Painting Includes it All, From Top To Bottom!

At 3rd Generation Painting, we always offer our customers roof painting, especially when it comes to painting the exterior of any home or business. Let us know how we can transform your home with all of the services we provide!

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