The Best Stucco Repair in El Paso

Stucco is a plaster that is used on the interior and exterior of homes and commercial businesses. It is commonly applied as a two or three coating over the frame structure. The cement-based material adds texture to the wall and is made primarily of cement, water, sand, and lime. 

Our team of master painters knows everything that goes into the painting process, and stucco repair is key to a properly finished job. We offer stucco repair during the painting process or as a request during our painting job.

Why Stucco Is Commonly Used

When applied properly, stucco is low maintenance and durable. This material helps to make homes fire retardant and energy-efficient. It also has a minimum life span of 50-80 years. 

With stucco’s ability to withstand the harsh sun, it’s an ideal choice for many buildings and homes in El Paso. It can also be used on wood to prevent water damage. As beneficial as stucco can be, it can also cause issues if placed incorrectly. Mold, mildew, water damage, early cracking, and staining can occur over time. 3rd Generation Painting can make sure your home’s stucco is properly placed and, if need be, we’ll perform any stucco repairs necessary.

Common Stucco Damage

The most common types of stucco damage occur due to the weather. Our weather fluctuates as we get hotter temperatures during the day and then have our temperature drop during the night. These cycles of warm and cold will cause stucco to expand and contract, resulting in cracks over time. These cracks can cause moisture to get in which, in turn, can create mold.

Repainting over these cracks without repairing them will result in long-term damage to your home and possibly your health. This is why stucco repairs are crucial when looking to paint your home or as soon as the cracks become noticeable. Repairing hairline cracks is the best way to prevent more extensive, more hazardous damage to your home.

Our Stucco Repair Services

The master painters here at 3rd Generation Painting will always keep an attentive eye out for repairs that are crucial to the painting process. We’re well aware of the negative, long-term effects of not keeping proper stucco maintenance. That’s why we make sure to take care of the damage as soon as we notice it. If there are any other areas in your home that need stucco repair that are not associated with the paint job, then just let us know. We’ll also help patch things up properly to keep your home and health safe.

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Let 3rd Generation Painting Fill in the Cracks For You!

Before we start any job, we look for any additional repairs that need to be performed and let you know what we find. Stucco can make or break your overall paint job, so it’s crucial we take care of any cracks before applying new paint. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and our 5-year warranty on the work we do!

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